Do you have tons of photos of your precious cutie in mislabeled archives on your hard drive? Digital cameras have made this almost effortless. The sad fact is that many of these pictures fail to inspire us due to poor photography skills. I can’t tell you how often I was disappointed with the pictures from a favorite kiddie moment that would never be captured again! And when the pictures do turn out right, they still end up gathering dust in a shoebox or filling up my hard drive with few admirers. I simply don’t have the time or skill to organize and showcase these gems for family and friends.

The web has come to the rescue with many photo sharing websites and scrapbooking resources. There are also plenty of photography guides you can visit to learn how to take better pictures of your kids. Our blog aims to distill this information and keep you informed about the best resources. We have assembled 21 contributors from all over the blogosphere to provide original content, review cool new products and interview leading child photographers. In summary, Baby Photos is your goto source for:

Finding: the best baby photographers

Photography: the art and science of child photography

Scrapbooking: master baby and child scrapbooking

Photo Sharing: showoff kids on photosharing sites

Photo Gifts: discover amazing personalized photo gifts

Baby Celebrity: keep up with baby celeb paparazzi and more

Contests: baby photo contests around the web

About MyBabyPhotos.Net

The authors of this blog are proud parents. They are inspired photographers that want to share the best advice available to help families with their adventures in child photography and scrapbooking and at the same time have some light hearted fun.